Friday, December 9, 2011

Lacrimosa Kalafina Sheet Music -Flute

recently my sister kept singing this lacrimosa by Kalafina song which is one of the Black Butler (anime) ending theme.. *sighhh, i heard it all the time even when i watch the anime, she waits until the anime ends and sings along everday.. it's quiet nice song even i don't know every single lyric since it's all in japanese, but i enjoy music, n by hearing it we may know what is inside the song.. i searched some videos in youtube if there any instrumental cover of Lacrimosa,, n there's some include some covers from flute,,view some comments, n found there're lots of request for flute sheet music for Lacrimosa,, then here it is, i arranged it by myself,, i hope to put multi-measure rest and repeat signs on the score in order to make it more short simple and clean, but i couldn't find any way to put them (i'm really newbie with that composing software)..
** I forgot to put the speed tempo, it's presto, in between 190bpm-196bpm! **

 You can download this music sheet in pdf if you want..

Lacrimosa Kalafina (Flute)


well, i combined this composition with the original soundtrack which is (instrumental) so it may help u to play this score.. watch the video down here to hear.. tq ^^,y


  1. I think at 0.38 in the video, should it be C C Bb Ab G F ?? ...

    1. ouh, hehe, sorry, actually u'll find more different notes in this composition compare to the original song. i tried to spend less time composing this score that time, so there are some parts that i didn't focused my ears to it n as long it doesn't sounds weird or still in chord transitions, i let it go,, hehe, that;s the way i compose a song (lazy),, u can renew the notes on the score if u dnt like my cmposition,, =)

  2. Do you think you can possibly do the sheet music for Kagayaku Sora No Shijima Ni Wa by Kalafina also? I really want to play it and unfortunately im not good at playing by ear :/ can you please compose it? thanks(: