Thursday, May 3, 2012

You will know that you love someone when all you want is for them to be happy, even if that means that you are not a part of it. 

Yes. I love You. And i'm not a part of it.  =')


Monday, February 20, 2012

Loneliness- Piano & Strings (naruto shippuden)

I made a new score for music lovers out there. It's  one of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN THEME SONGS!
All credits & rights goes to the original composer (takanashi yasuharu) ok! I just using my ears to get the notes and made the score. I believe the musicians in this song were using japanese traditional instrument that the piano part in the original song sounds like "Koto" , n same goes to the strings instrument. It takes me about 2 hours to complete this, it's tough to hear every single note when all instruments play at the same time. But it's fun, and the difficulties is worth to face. You can get the sheets below. Have fun (^_^)y

Loneliness-Piano and Strings (NARUTO SHIPPUDEN

*i dont have mood to complete recent music sheet that undone(pendam-shahir),, i tend to interest more to naruto's theme, japanese composers are awesome. The most composer i admire is JOE HISAISHI !!! You guys must listen to all his pieces, they are woth to listen! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MiniSite MUDAH! | Website yang dilengkapi perisian!

This is a brand new!
Well, nak cakap sikit pasal produk ni,,For u all information, produk minisite ni sejenis website yang dilengkapi perisian lengkap untuk orang2 yang nak buat bisnes online... even produk ni masih baru, don't doubt with the guy who create it, orangnya bukan calang2,, dye da lame mind map lam otak dye nak design produk website yang dilengkapi software ni, cuma baru sekarang dye baru de peluang cipta n siapkan produk ni,, Credit to the creator [Yasir Arafat Sepaat] ,name pun da macam nama aku.,ho2...

Ok, apa yang lebihnya ngan website nih?

In fact, website ni memang sangat mesra web jualan,,untuk peniaga2 yang buat bisnes online,  patut pakai web jualan minisite ni sebab software web jualan ni da dilengkapi ngan autoresponder,, mane nak dapat autoresponder free?
Web jualan ni turut dilengkapi ngan pelbagai plugins include Facebook social plugin, u guys just perlu isi details masa setting web jualan tu, then terus leh pakai,, For me yang beli website ngan *&^%&*(  seriously rasa agak rugi,, dahla bayar mahal (bulan ni dapat inform sewa web tahun ni naik! goshhh!) then semua setting kene buat sendiri,, Nak kene cari plugin sendiri,pastu setting lagi plugin tu sampai berjam2, grrrr!

Tambahan lagi, korang x perlu rungsing untuk pakai web jualan minisite nih, sebab ia memang da teramat mudah dipakai, then if ade problem terus leh deal ngan Creator,seriously dye akan bagi bantuan sampai yang merangkak boleh berlari.. ^_^

Actlly banyak sgt benifit web jualan ni lau nak di-citer,,tapi better korang tengok sendiri briefing website dye nih,,just klik pic kat bwh then u all akan terus ke website dye and bace briefing dye k,, U all akan teruja! SURE!

Saturday, January 14, 2012



here a new music rearrangement by me..u guys might particular know this song right?
well, it's ain't yet complete, i just started the notation a while after i found this song in youtube yesterday and in half an hour, i could only complete the first verse.. =.=''  i'll find any right time soon to complete the whole song..

i made a video for the first verse, perhaps u guys might want to listen it, u may >.<

and here is the the music sheet in pdf format,,

Pendam-Shahir (instrumental)

 i'll complete this song soon, okay..